Termites are insects that have been around for thousands of years, possibly linked to the family of cockroaches. They have been known to work silently and cause damage beyond imagination, although they are tiny and their appearance does not make you think that. They come in different forms and sizes, varying as to their favorite habitats and their preferences.


Three of the most commonly found termites in the world include subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites.




The largest termites can reach up to an inch, and these are typically the kings and queens. The average termite size though is about half an inch. There are several termites that can fly, because of the wings that they have on top of them. Not all the termites can fly, however. They come in several colors, too. Most frequently, you will find them to be soft brown or yellowish.




Termites are found in various forms of wood. There is no uniformity as to their preferred wood since there are great variations in this aspect. Some termites are found in damp wood, whereas others prefer minimum humidity. Most of the termites would rather live in a dead wood surface, rather than on a living tree.


Their favorite food is of course wood and they can also eat dead plants to survive. This is why they are called detritivores. In some occasions, you will find termites feeding on plastic, paper, and even wall material.


In summer, the termites that have got wings fly off to reproduce. When they do, their wings are no longer useful, and so they fall off. The reproduced termites create other colonies and so their population increases dramatically.




Termite pest control is of utmost importance, in the event of termite infestation. Without the proper handling of the issue, it will only grow bigger, and it will become an imminent threat to your property. So you must make sure that no termites are found anywhere within your home or any other building you own.


In order to do so, you need to be thorough when repairing the plumbing, so as to eliminate any dampness that might lure termites back in. At the same time, you must call the experts and allow for termite pest control. This is the only way for you to get rid of termites and keep them off your property.


Where to Turn to & Why


You should find the most reliable professionals in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. These will help you deal with the problems that you have been facing in the most efficient manner. After inspecting the infested area, they will suggest the most suitable solution to your problem without any further delay. Upon agreeing with the quote, they will start eliminating termites from your premises.


If you are concerned about the cost, you need to think of the negative impact of termites on your property. This certainly outweighs any cost related to termite pest control, leaving you no other option but to call the professionals.