How to Get Rid of Weevils




Weevils are small beetles that rarely grow above a quarter of an inch in length. They usually eat grains and are therefore commonly found in any type of food that has grains and flour. One female weevil can lay up to 400 eggs, meaning that the chances of an infestation are quite high.




The two common types of weevils are rice and granary weevils. These small insects have different abilities and slightly different appearances. However, they cause the same headache when they find their way into your pantry and food.





Weevils usually feed on damaged grains. However, female weevils have the ability to bore tiny holes in grains and deposit their eggs inside. They then seal up the grains leaving the egg to hatch and mature into a full grown weevil in a short period.




Since weevils usually live in your food, getting rid of them can quite challenging as you cannot use any products that may end up contaminating the same food. As such, you won’t find a variety of pesticides designed to kill weevils as is the case with other common pests. However, there are still a variety of methods you can turn to kill them as detailed below.


Clear Contaminated Foods


The first thing you need to do when it comes to getting rid of weevils is to clear all contaminated foods from your pantry. Foods that appear to be infested with weevils should be discarded; note that if you leave any contaminated foods, you risk re-infestation. Move the contaminated items out of the house and into a trash bin, which should be moved far away from the house as well.


Clean the Pantry


Once all foods are cleared from the pantry, you can move on to the next step, cleaning the pantry thoroughly, to get all remaining weevils out. Begin by clearing any contact paper and vacuuming each and every crevice in and around the pantry shelves. Use hot sudsy water and a rag to finish the rest of the cleaning.


Freeze the Food


You can kill weevils, their eggs, and larvae by freezing all the food items that may have been affected during the infestation. Here you can store all food items including grains, floor, and even cookies in the freezer. Alternatively, you can set the freezer to the lowest temperature and then store the food items there for about four days before removing them.


Heat the food


You can also kill weevils with heat. All you need to do is heat the affected food items in an oven or microwave. Spread the food items on a glass plate and heat them in the microwave for about five minutes. If you are using the oven, preheat at 120 degrees, leaving the food on a thin baking sheet for about one hour.


Store Food in Glass Containers


One of the best ways to ensure weevils do not spread in your pantry is to store all foods in glass, plastic or steel containers with the lid on at all times as soon as they arrive.