Bats are mammals that can fly, one of a kind among all other species. Although there have been a lot of folk tales about their existence and their malicious intent, it is true that bats are mostly harmless to humans. They do resemble rats and mice, with the distinctive wings making them stand out from the rest. As you can see, bats should be left safe but their infestation ought to be dealt with swiftly.




As mentioned above, there are striking resemblances between bats and mice or rats. Their main difference is the fact that bats have got large wings that allow them to fly without any obstacle for a long time. They are mostly black or dark brown and grey in color, and they have got sharp teeth and membrane-like wings.




Most of the bats in the world are nocturnal creatures. This means that they sleep during the day and awake during the night. This is the main reason for the long-lasting tradition of comparing bats to vampires and combining their characteristics in this way.


They mostly feed on insects, and this is why their presence may eliminate all other insects from any property. They also eat fruit and other plants, nectar and of course blood (hence the comparison with vampires, again). As far as insects are concerned, a single bat can eat up to hundreds of insects within a single day.


One two three young bats are brought to life per year, which offers a rather slow growth rate for this species. They can live up to two decades, of course. As a result, they may grow slowly, but they are resilient and can last for many years unaffected.





As you may have heard, a bat can carry a lot of diseases. So if bats are left without the proper bat pest control, they may end up harming whole populations of humans. This is why, despite their great importance as a species to humanity and the global eco-system, they cannot be left to reproduce and increase in number within properties.


When you see bat feces or smell something truly unpleasant from the basement or the attic, you should be alarmed. If you go to inspect on your own, make sure that you are wearing the proper breathing equipment. Without at least a mask, you might be inhaling severe diseases or viruses.


Call the Experts


Bat pest control in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the best way to deal with the issue once and for all. Based on the latest technology, the professionals will allow you to maintain your property in its prime state, without worrying about bat populations increasing exponentially.


Feel free to contact the experts and ask for a customized plan, which will eliminate the threat from your premises. After having identified the extent of the problem, the experts will do their best and make sure that bats do not stay in your place for long.