Pest Control – Skunks and the Things You Need to Know


Usually when people hear about pest control they would immediately associate the activity with getting rid of certain insects. While this is without a doubt the most common case, there are other animals which are also subjected to different pest control endeavors as they pose actual threat to your household.


With this in mind, one of the most dangerous but not as common cases is when you are troubled by a skunk. Interestingly enough, the animal was considered to be a part of the weasel family. There are a few different species known in the USA, but the ones which deserve most attention are the striped and the spotted ones. They are known to be the most commonly encountered species as well as the one which is going to cause most troubles.


Appearance – The Way they look


Skunks are hard to be mistaken for any other animal. They are usually going to get to about 70 centimeters of length and wouldn’t weight more than two kilograms at most. Of course, this is usually based on the particular species. However, the ones that we mentioned above as being most common in the USA fall within this description. They have black fur with white stripes or spots on top based on the species.


Behavior and Diet


While skunks are known for keeping the overall balance when it comes to rodent and insect population in nature, if they encounter themselves in your premise, they can be a true curse. Now, for the most part, skunks are carnivorous, and they would usually feed on some rodents which are considered to be rather harmful to humans such as mice, rats, shrews and others of the kind.


However, because of their carnivorous nature, they are also known for harming property as well as domestic animals as well. They are going to feed on chickens and also on their eggs. They are also known for destroying fruit, vegetables and doing particular amounts of damage on your lawn.


Control Measures


Now, when it comes to controlling skunk issues, it is absolutely crucial that you use the services of a professional. This is particularly important, and it’s capable of sparing you quite a lot of troubles. Keep in mind that skunks can get quite aggressive and cause you some significant damage. What is more, upon sensing danger, their glands are going to release a particularly tremendous amount of horrible liquid. Keep in mind that the liquid can actually be discharged up to 20 feet and they are also pretty accurate. If any of this liquid gets in your eyes, you are going to feel extreme pain, and even temporary blindness can take place.


This is why you need to rely on professionals like our company to take care of this problem. We are going to properly deter the animal and submit it to the necessary authorities. Don’t gamble about and call us right away to get the assistance you need.