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Rodents, ants, spiders, wildlife, or bedbugs?

They’re more than a nuisance. They can damage structures, harm environments, transmit bacteria and disease.

Average Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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Metro Vancouver Eco-Friendly Pest Control

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Eco Friendly

From ants inside your kitchen to spiders in your garage, rats in your backyard to racoons in your attic, and everything in between, we’ve got your pest control needs covered. Our pest control services are carefully customized for your home, so you get the best results out of them. With simple, safe, and effective treatments, you’re free to enjoy the lifestyle you need.

Metro Vancover

Popular Pest Services

Parasite Control

Bed Bug Control

Tick Control

Flea Control

Home Invaders

Ant Control

Spider Control

Silverfish Control

Wasp & Hornets

Rodent Control

Squirell Removal

Rat Control

Mice Control

Mole/Vole Control

Wildlife Control

Skunk Removal

Raccoon Removal

Bird Control/Removal

Rabbit Control

Google Reviews

What Customers Are Saying

"Very professional, I started using All Green a few years back when we had an ant problem. They showed up and dealt with the problem swiftly, they now have a schedule where they would show up and check the house and exterminate areas where needed. They are a team of very polite, knowledgeable and friendly people. They provide an impressive and expansive list of services. I am so happy I signed up with them. No regrets."

Raian Alireza, Google Review

"All I have to say is wow. I have had issues with small ants for years but one visit from these guys and they haven’t come back in months! Not only was the work they did efficient and lastly but they handled themselves very professionally and explained the process every step of the way! Would definitely recommend if you have any sort of bug issue!"

Sam, Google Review

"They helped protect my vegetable garden against ants and were really friendly and professional when doing the service. The technician was able to identify other areas that had ants that I had not known about and was open and honest about everything regarding the treatment. Highly recommend using their service."

Jamie R, Google Review

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.

We’ll return and re-treat as many times as we need to get you the results you were expecting.

How it Works

Here’s what you can expect from our service

Pest control is not a “one-size fits all” service. Each property requires a different approach. We employ a 4-step process to ensure the best results.

Pest Analysis

A service representative will perform a full analysis of your property and target activity.

Pest Treatment

We will structure a customized pest service plan, and outline exactly what should be expected at each treatment.

Pest Servicing

Your pest control technician will be scheduled for follow-up visits to maintain pest population, and provide you a full summary of all services performed.

Emergency Callbacks

Should pest increase in-between scheduled services, we will re-treat as many times as it takes to resolve the issue – without any additional charge.

Metro Vancouver

Common Pests

At All Green Pest Control, we know our pests, and so can you. Check out our pest info so you can learn how to identify and deter common pests.

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Pavement Ants