Douglas Squirrel

A.K.A: Chickaree or pine squirrel
Size: 33 cm (inc tail)
Color: Gray or greenish brown on back and pale orange on chest or belly


Western Gray Squirrel

A.K.A: Silver-gray squirrel, banner tail
Size: 43 – 61 cm (inc tail)
Color: Silver gunmetal gray on back and white on belly



Squirrels normally eat fruit, nuts, buds, bulbs, insects, and leaves. If a squirrel is full, they will take the food and store it for the winter. For most species of squirrels, they are most active just after sunrise and before sunset. Flying squirrels are the exception, as they are mostly active during the night.

Since tree squirrels prefer to make their nests in trees, they will look for alternate homes high up if there are no livable trees nearby. This could be an attic or a garage. Squirrels climb buildings, walls, and trees to reach this area, and then chew a hole in the exterior structure. This is very noisy and can be heard by people who are close by. Once the hole is big enough, the squirrel will start building a nest.

Infestation Signs:

Next to spotting the squirrels on or near your home, you can see the gnaw damage. They are also known to run across utility wires to enter homes that they have nests in. You can also hear their activity, especially if they are in an attic. Squirrels will also eat bird feed and garden plants. You could find squirrel droppings, but other animals have similar looking droppings. So, contact us if you find any animal droppings in your home. Also, you should never attempt to remove any kind of animal droppings. You should wait for us to remove it, as many diseases can be carried in animal droppings.

Control & Prevention:

Preventing squirrels is a simple task. The first tip to preventing squirrels is to keep your trees’ branches at least 10 feet from your house. Squirrels are not able to jump or glide that far. You also may want to remove bird feeders since squirrels can use them as a food source. Also, try not to plant hickory or oak trees in your yard, as they attract squirrels with their nuts.

Controlling squirrels is challenging because many species of squirrels are protected. You should contact the local conservation office to find out which ones are. You will need to find the entry point, and figure out how many squirrels are living in that nest, and their schedule. If there are young babies, you will have to be careful. Most times, people use wire cloth to keep squirrels out of their home. If you want to have the squirrels removed, you should have our professional team handle the squirrels.

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