0.63 – 2.5 cm


 Metallic green, or black & yellow

Body: Two wings & Pinched waist



Most wasp species have two pair of wings as well as a pinched waist, which is rather characteristic. Wasps vary in colors from metallic green and blue to black and yellow. Their size is also different with some species being a few millimeters long while others can get up to several centimeters.


When it comes to their behavior, wasps can act both socially and solitary – their behaviour differs with their species. Social wasps tend to live in large colonies which may amount in the thousands. Social wasp species are the most common in the metro Vancouver area.

Solitary species do not have a colony – they lay eggs which are then left to hatch on their own without any oversight.

Control & Prevention:

Identification of wasp species is important to service approach. Social wasp species, which are most common in metro Vancouver, are generally controlled using pesticides. Application of pesticides will eradicate active wasps and prevent maturation of larvae, effectively destroying the targeted site and prevent against a re-build of the nest.